TNEC 58 Skate

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The first and only skate made "by skate shop owners for skate shop owners". But what does that even mean?

Apart form being developed by local skate shop owners, it means two things. First, the TNEC 58 was designed to be a price point skate with extremely high profit margins for skate shop owners (retail $220 wholesale $100). Second, the TNEC 58 was designed to be the absolute best skate for entry level and first time aggressive skate buyers.

Features include: Entry level price point, one piece soul/frame, fully riveted components to prevent any loose frame/cuff bolts, standard flat 58mm setup, subtle black color way, lightest aggressive skate on the market. Universal boot fit. 

like we said this is a skate made "by skate shop owners for skate shop owners". It is NOT a "core" skate. The TNEC 58 is ***NOT meant to compete with all the new skate brands such as THEM, Mesmer, Standard, Faction, Gawds, BLANK, what have you. But rather the TNEC 58 is in the "entry level" class witch includes: Razors Cult, USD Sway Team, Roces M12. We believe that the TNEC58 is by far the best in class skate to enter the market in over 25 years.

***With that being said we are pretty sure the light weight and super responsive one pice soul/frame, and great price will end up capturing about 5-15% of "core" skaters anyways)

Its been two years in the making, A LOT of designing, prototyping and testing went into this project, but finally the skates are being assembled and and getting ready to ship as we speak. Shipping out February 1 and arriving in the US in late February.